The question of where to hold a kids birthday bash can make the difference between a dull and an awesome party. The venue of a bash will place restrictions on what activities you can do and how many guests you can invite.

Birthday bash at home

The pros of holding the bash at home are;

  • There are no costs for venue and utensils
  • Ideal if the guest list is not long

The biggest cons for holding a birthday bash at home are;

  • There is restriction of space. The average home will likely not have the space for seating all the guests and playful kids
  • Limited activities. The games that can be played at home are limited as the equipment and playing items are not many
  • There is the danger of antagonizing the neighbors as the kids play around.

Birthday at an Indoor playground

Indoor playgrounds like Scooter Jungle are a better alternative for birthday bashes as they offer more space and a wider range of activities for both adult and children guests. The advantages of a birthday bash at an indoor playground are;

  • There is ample space for comfortable seating during food and drinks for all invited guests
  • More fun and games indoor playgrounds have a wide variety of game equipment like inflatables, balls, swings etc.
  • More fun for the parent as the birthday venue handles everything leaving the parent to enjoy along with the other guests.
  • The indoor playground has qualified staff to supervise the kids during play making it safer.
  • There are no worries for cleaning up after. You get in, enjoy and leave others to clean up which is a big relief.
  • There is a pricing package for everyone to afford safe fun.
  • There are no worries about the neighbors calling the authorities in protest to noisy on goings. The bash can get as fun and noisy as the kids want it.

Holding a kid’s birthday bash at an indoor playground takes most of the work from the parent’s hands and is handled by people who do it as a profession ensuring a better experience. Some will get worried that holding a bash at an indoor playground is expensive.

It is possible to negotiate with the playground on price. Cutting out unnecessary extras and handling some of the work is a way to get a good discount. Some will allow you to bring some food and drinks further cutting the costs. At the end of the day, with a good arrangement , you are sure of loads of fun for kids and adults.